20 lipca, 2024


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Były rzecznik MSZ nie może znaleźć pracy: „Nawet tam nie chcą mnie zatrudnić”

Były rzecznik MSZ nie może znaleźć pracy: „Nawet tam nie chcą mnie zatrudnić”

Z resortu MSZ odszedł w latach 2021-2023 Łukasz Jasina, który pełnił funkcję rzecznika. Po niefortunnych wypowiedziach został zawieszony i ostatecznie odwołany ze stanowiska.

Po kontrowersyjnej wypowiedzi na temat kwestii wołyńskiej, where Łukasz Jasina suggested that President Volodymyr Zelensky should take more responsibility for the events, he found himself suspended. His troubles continued when he expressed concerns about the voting of the Polish diaspora in parliamentary elections, leading to his dismissal.

Łukasz Jasina, admitting that being a press spokesman is a risky business, thanked everyone for the cooperation at the end of his term. He then tried his hand at local elections but failed to secure a council seat.

In a surprising move, on June 30, Jasina took to X, seeking help in finding employment. Describing himself as a historian, journalist, and film expert with experience in various fields, Jasina requested assistance in finding a job to pay his rent.

Ambassador to China Jakub Kumoch responded with kind words, wishing Jasina success in any sector he chooses. Jasina’s post attracted sympathy and advice from internet users, suggesting that he should consider a career away from politics.

Despite his impressive credentials, including a doctorate and scholarships from Harvard and the University of Toronto, Jasina lamented the challenges of finding suitable employment. Entrepreneur Piotr Gładysz pointed out the risks associated with a long-term career in public service or politics, expressing empathy for Jasina’s situation.